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Slipstream, 2022
 Gayle Thomson, Artist

Enjoyed the most:

"Amazing…enjoyed the feedback and the creative suggestions."

"Very helpful talking through tasks/next steps."

"The feedback, learning about myself and my own writing process."

"It was a partnership…thoughtful feedback and with the bio did some heavy lifting."

"The way Laura makes the environment relaxed and fun."

"The new and imaginative ways Laura found to look at my work."

"Laura's gentle prodding and checking in."

"I loved working with Laura - she is incredibly patient, insightful and encouraging. She had a lot of good ideas and helped me organize my work experience and ideas."

"All of the love and support." 

"I feel much more confident."

"Being able to write and edit in the same document."

Key Insights:

"Understanding your values is important when determining goals & priorities."

"I can actually write!"

"Greater clarity on what I'm doing and how to communicate it."

"Rethinking by rewording therefore making my endeavor feel much more attainable."

"That I have preferred ways of thinking and working that, if employed, will get me to the finish line."

"Learning that I already had what I needed, but I didn't know how to organize it. Laura's approach and her fresh perspective helped me get out of my head, think out of the box, and understand that I am more than the sum of my resume."

"The key insight I gained (or was reminded of) is that although there are many tasks and projects I COULD try to accomplish myself, there are some (in this case, writing a resume) when professional help is merited. The process was fast and the final product was much better than anything I could have created myself."

Two eyes are better than one. Write on your strengths 

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Additional Testimonials:

"Laura was great and really listened to what I wanted written and worked with me on my strengths." —  2023

"At every meeting I was surprised by Laura's creativity and inspired by the usefulness of her ideas." —  2022

"I'm so appreciative for the continued support." —  MW 2022

"Amazing… I can't thank you enough!"  — JB 2022

"This process was nerve-racking for me. Laura’s support and expertise made it possible for me to focus and feel confident going forward!" —  CC 2022

"Laura has the ability to see beyond what's on the page. She sees potential and possibility and has a way of helping to expand your thoughts and perceptions beyond the bullet points to a deeper understanding of ability and self-worth."

"Laura has a unique vision when looking at the big picture. She sees potential and possibilities, and helped me get through the slog. I always feel better after we’ve talked." —  SH 2022

"Laura has been such an amazing help in navigating and keeping me focused." —  CC 2022

"I truly had no idea what to expect. I knew I needed assistance writing my bio. I wasn’t expecting to do so much self-reflection and exploration. I genuinely enjoyed the journey and developing a process for myself to begin writing my own ideas and thoughts." —  JD 2021

"I just really appreciate all the help and support." —  JH 2021

"Laura was a thoughtful and supportive writing partner and coach. I had a significant block in capturing the complexity of what I do. Laura's inquisitive approach helped me identify my voice and my story. She then collaborated with me to create what I believe to be an exceptional and unique bio. Laura also assisted me in helping reframe and rewrite a scholarly paper that I had been struggling with for several years. The feedback on the paper post rewrite was that it truly captured the nature of what I was trying to convey in a meaningful way. I highly recommend Laura as a thought partner and coach." —  JH 2021

"When my first major book deadline loomed, Laura Stetler was a trusted friend and advisor whom I turned to for a close read and keen edits. I asked her to look for places where I could make my writing more clear, understandable, and grammatically correct. I also asked her for a more sophisticated kind of help: flagging places where my tone was dissonant, insensitive, or dull. All of this she did with great care, thoroughness, and sensitivity. I am extremely grateful that she helped make the finished manuscript be the best it can be."

—  Nate Schweber, award-winning journalist and author of THIS AMERICA OF OURS: Bernard and Avis DeVoto and the Forgotten Fight to Save the Wild.

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