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Maybe you need a partner in designing strategy or correspondence to a tricky situation? Or, maybe you need a collaborator for a formal application or important project. I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years as a classmate, colleague, and friend. 

I will join you on the journey, help you navigate, and bring tools to co-write with you to craft the writings you need. 

We will ensure that the writing reflects who you are and what you uniquely contribute. And…I suspect we will have fun as we wordsmith, finding the right turn of phrase for important moments!

Iterative process of a classical violinist
Love of people and words
Experience navigating self and other through challenging transitions

= The Wordshop, a studio for coaching through co-writing.


Together We:

Find your unique feathers with fun tools and customized exercises. 

Try out those wings, ensuring your writing process flows as needed from your vision to share. 

Land a version of an important piece that can be adapted for you to fly.

Sample Packages

Fresh Look.

Starting at $285

Includes: one piece of your choice, two 30-minutes sessions, in-depth asynchronous working session for a revised version.


Starting at $475

Includes: two pieces of your choice, strengths analysis, three 60-minute sessions, asynchronous working sessions for revised versions.


Starting at $725

Includes: three pieces of your choice, strengths analysis, five 60-minute sessions, asynchronous working sessions for revised versions, on-demand support.

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Not seeing quite what you are looking for here?  

Let’s talk...delighted to explore more. Quotes available upon request.

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